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Where it all began

Return to Renton started in the summer of 1991 and quickly grew to be one of the largest events in Renton, WA. It is 100% run by local volunteers that enjoy celebrating the history of cars and want to bring that joy for their community to experience too.

Return to Renton is great for new car enthusiast as well as more experienced ones. We encourage everyone to stop by or even participate if you have a rad car you'd like to show off!

Return to Renton Car Show.jpg

Our Mission

After 32 years our mission continues to be the same. We strive to create a space for car enthusiast of all kinds to come together and enjoy a day of cars, food, music and much more.


In hopes of supporting our community, we keep all of our efforts within King County. From working with local businesses to bring this event to life to offering opportunities for local vendors to participate and even donating our proceeds to local family and community programs. 

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